Psoriasis and eczema defeated by anti-inflammatory diet: Woman creates diet, writes a book after being offered chemo

After battling with eczema and psoriasis for the last two decades, Hanna Sillitoe has finally found a cure. The 38-year-old from Manchester says that switching to an anti-inflammatory diet has changed her life. At one point, Sillitoe’s skin conditions were so difficult to treat, doctors suggested she try chemotherapy. Instead, Sillitoe started doing her own research on anti-inflammatory foods and created her own diet — and it worked.

In fact, the diet worked so well, she started a blog. Sillitoe has even published a book, which has garnered praise from around the world. Hundreds of people have written to the interior designer-turned-author, declaring their successes in treating their skin conditions with her diet plan. Many people have been able to eliminate or reduce their use of steroid creams in the treatment of their psoriasis or eczema using Sillitoe’s anti-inflammatory approach to eating.

Sillitoe’s diet to fight inflammation eliminates things like alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, sugar and wheat. While it may sound restrictive, for Sillitoe, the diet has brought freedom. She says that at age 35, her health was at a low point. “As well as skin problems, I suffered recurring urinary tract infections, my blood pressure was dangerously high, I was overweight and permanently exhausted.”

“At its worst, eczema covered my eyelids and plaque and guttate psoriasis [a type of psoriasis] spread across my arms, legs, boobs, tummy and scalp,” she explained further. But that all changed with a few dietary adjustments.  She stated that after going anti-inflammatory, “I cleared my psoriasis, eczema and acne, and lost five stone in weight without trying.”  Additionally, Sillitoe notes that her recurring infections and exhaustion disappeared.

According to Sillitoe, hundreds of people have messaged her to thank her. Ashley Nagy, a mother with a toddler who struggles with psoriasis commented, “I am a firm believer that Hanna’s Radiant book is the answer.” Nagy says her little girl suffered from patches of psoriasis all over her body, but after going wheat- and dairy-free, they noticed immediate changes. Now, Nagy says, her toddler rarely ever has more than a spot or two flare up — and it can usually be traced back to a little “cheat” on her diet, like a slice of pizza. And Nagy isn’t the only one to say Sillitoe’s book has been a lifesaver. Sillitoe says she gets about 20 messages a week, from people sharing their stories and appreciation.

But, Sillitoe isn’t the first person to use diet for a cure. Another woman from the U.K., Alice Morgan, revealed in 2016 that switching to raw vegan diet healed her painful skin condition, as well.  And it’s not just your skin that can benefit from a better diet.

Earlier this year, TV star Alicia Douvall spoke out about how diet and acupuncture finally put an end to her years-long battle with endometriosis — a painful condition involving overgrowth of the lining of the uterus.

It’s sad that dietary approaches to disease are often considered to be “alternative” forms of medicine, often saved for a “last resort.” In reality, nutrition should truly be at the forefront of treatment for most any ailment; after all, you are what you eat.

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