Why the Health Ranger endorses Tom Brady’s superfood diet as “high performance nutrition” for longevity and recovery

The Health Ranger endorses Tom Brady’s superfood diet and says high-performance nutrition is the key to performance, longevity, and recovery. He explains how avoiding toxic foods and eating performance-enhancing superfoods are significant determining factors in boosting a person’s overall performance.

Football phenom Tom Brady did not go from zero-to-hero in just one flick of a finger. He did not become the best quarterback in the history of NFL just by slacking around. Tom Brady follows an excellent workout plan and high-performance superfood diet. It’s the same diet the Health Ranger has been recommending and following for many years. Anybody can become a champion if they follow a superfood diet,” says Adams.

This is great news; because in the world of sports, there is an abundance of “nutritional morons” who think diet and performance are not interconnected. There are football players today who retire at the age of 35 because of their failing bodies. Their minds are still intact, but their bodies say otherwise. Meanwhile, Tom Brady, who’s turning 40 later this year, has just received another seven-year contract in the NFL. It’s virtually unheard-of and the level of his performance is just astounding.  Then you have these morons trying to figure out how Brady got his spectacular longevity and performance. The answer is so easy that it’s staring these people right in their faces, but they refuse to look at it.

Mike Adams is the Health Ranger. He is widely-credited for speaking the truth about juicing, organics, GMOs, and nutrition to the liberty movement. He is also the author of a complex investigation about the use of fake blueberries in foods across the processed food industry. He was the first-ever journalist to publicize the fake acai berry scam. This led the FTC to shut down the acai operation, imposing millions of dollars of judgments against six entities and their companies. He also exposed the fake vaccine science fraud by Merck. It was described by Merck’s two former virologists, and the Health Ranger helped them reveal the truth about vaccine.

Tom Brady, the “Goat”, does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, and does not eat junk and processed foods. He keeps his diet super clean by eating all-organic superfoods. Anyone can also become a Tom Brady in whatever they do by following his set of diet and, of course, lifestyle. The sportswriters covering Brady are under the impression that he should be thankful for having better genes than most people. This is absolutely foolish. Tom Brady’s secret is not even a secret. Everyone has access to it. The real question is whether they can keep up with the kind of lifestyle Tom Brady has. No alcohol, no partying, and no substance abuse.

Mike Adams can help people become a “super-performing” human being by changing the foods they consume. It is so simple and it is backed up by solid science. The best part about it is that it’s available to everyone. Tom Brady isn’t the only one following this type of diet. Readers of NaturalNews.com also follow the same diet that the Health Ranger advocates. His online store, Health Ranger Store, offers superfoods that support optimum performance. The products on his website are incredibly efficient, clean and verified by a series of thorough testing performed in his own analytical laboratory. His incredibly powerful superfoods are sourced meticulously and many are certified organic.

Adams urges every athlete to try superfoods if they want to become better at they do. Empowering the body with superfood nutrition gives way to radically amplify skills and abilities. Tom Brady isn’t just the best football player in the world. He is smart enough to understand the significance of superfoods to longevity, performance, and recovery.

It’s not enough to be physically fit and healthy. To substantially become better, planning, discipline, wisdom on the food, and avoidance of toxic chemicals are all that is required. That’s what makes Tom Brady a certified world-class champion and football legend.






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