Hog plum treats postpartum hemorrhage

A study has found that hog plum (Spondias mombin L.) has a beneficial effect on postpartum hemorrhage, a health problem usually observed in women who have just given birth. The study, which was published in the journal Phytotherapie, suggests that extracts obtained from the leaves of hog plum can treat postpartum hemorrhage.

  • In Sub-Saharan Africa, traditional phytotherapy proposes the use of plants to manage postpartum bleeding.
  • Hog plum is a Togolese plant used by rural folk to stop hemorrhage during complicated deliveries.
  • In the study, researchers from the University of Lome in Togo aimed to assess the effects of hog plum on some hemostatic parameters and on cholesterolemia to verify its traditional use in treating postpartum hemorrhage.
  • For the study, the research team performed tests on female rats; they fed them with hog plum leaf extract.
  • The results showed that compared to control, the treatment with hog plum leaf extract resulted in an increase of hematocrit, the volume percentage of red blood cells in the blood.
  • There was also an increase of formed elements of blood and of hemoglobin level.
  • The research team observed that the hog plum leaf extract exhibits an antifibrinolytic property, preventing excessive bleeding.
  • In addition, cholesterol levels in the blood were reduced after treatment with hog plum leaf extract.

In conclusion, hog plum leaf extract can be used to treat postpartum hemorrhage.

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Journal Reference:

Pakoussi T, Kodjo MK, Metowogo K, Lawson-Evi P, Mouzou AP, Aklikokou AK, Gbeassor M. EVALUATION OF HAEMOSTATIC AND HYPOCHOLESTEROLEMIANT PROPERTIES OF SPONDIAS MOMBIN L (ANACARDIACEAE) LEAVES. Phytotherapie. December 2015; 14(6): 349-354. DOI: 10.1007/s10298-015-1010-7

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