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You may have heard about the “power of positive thinking” and thought to yourself, does it actually work? According to Dr. Matt Mason from the Mason Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Warren, Ohio, it most certainly does.

In a recent video he published to, Dr. Mason explains how one’s frame of mind directly influences his physical health.

The human body is regulated by a special system that controls when and where resources are distributed, thus dictating not only the body’s functionality but also its ability to heal. And a person’s state of mind and outlook and life directly influences this system.

“Your autonomic nervous system can be thought of as your automatic nervous system because it controls and regulates many bodily functions automatically so you don’t have to think about it,” Dr. Mason explains. “It regulates your heart rate, your breathing rate, digestion, secretion of glands, etc.”

“Your autonomic nervous system can be divided into two types of control: your sympathetic nervous system, and your parasympathetic. Now, like the yin and yang of life, neither is good or bad, but it’s the balance between the two, or the imbalance, that makes it good or bad.”

So what do these two divisions of the autonomic nervous system have to do with healing, and how does the brain affect them? As explained by Dr. Mason, the “fight or flight” response that occurs whenever you get stressed or angry takes away energy from the parasympathetic nervous system that’s responsible for healing.

“Your sympathetic nervous system prepares you for the fight or flight response by pulling blood away from your vital organs that are necessary for healing, to your muscles for that fight or flight response,” Dr. Mason says. “The parasympathetic nervous system prepares your body for relaxation and digestion and for repair.”

“When you’re in a state of panic, you’re angry, you’re fearful, you’re anxious, your body is going to be in a state of sympathetic dominance. Your body is going to be in a state of breakdown where it does not have the necessary energy to repair.”

Being spiritually grounded is critical for physical health

One way to overcome this constant “fight or flight” state of mind is to engage in spiritual practice, which Dr. Mason says can have a profound effect on a person’s well-being. Prayer and meditation, for instance, can help to clear away feelings and emotions that contribute to bodily breakdown, instead realigning it for healing.

“When you have a strong sense of spirituality and you express gratitude and you’re no longer in fear or have anger or resentment, you are then in a state of parasympathetic dominance, where your body is in a state of relaxation and repair and healing,” says Dr. Mason.

A powerful example of how this can work in real life is outlined in the book Anatomy of an Illness, by Norman Cousins. Cousins was able to overcome a supposedly incurable disease known as ankylosing spondylitis simply by realigning his mindset and focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

“[Cousins] was healed from an incurable disease that was also supposedly genetically inherited, ankelosine spondelitis, and through many other factors he was healed by using positive thought, by happy thoughts, and so on,” Dr. Mason explains. “This was to create healing endorphins throughout his body.”

A recent study out of Stanford University evaluated the power of positive thinking using actual brain scans. Researchers there found that not only does positive thinking help the body at large, but it also fine-tunes the brain to perform smarter and more intelligently.

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